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  • Series Premiere Date: Feb 12, 2019
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  • Summary: While God (Steve Buscemi) is busy with his hobbies, it's up to low-level angel Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) and his fellow angels in the Department of Prayer Response to deal with all of humanity's prayers in this comedy series from Simon Rich and based on his book, What in God's Name.
  • Genre(s): Comedy
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  1. Reviewed by: Jacob Oller
    Feb 11, 2019
    Rich’s roundabout way with dark punchlines, catching you on the way out the funeral home door, are just as weird and delicious as ever.
  2. Reviewed by: Kelly Lawler
    Feb 11, 2019
    Its short run makes Workers not a particularly Earth-shattering series. But it's a charming, chipper story that suggests humans are inevitably good.
  3. Reviewed by: Alan Sepinwall
    Feb 12, 2019
    There are enough sharp details drawn in the margins of the factory (where Angela Kinsey from The Office runs HR) to suggest a more promising second season.
  4. Reviewed by: Brian Lowry
    Feb 8, 2019
    What ensues is strange, eccentric but fitfully funny.
  5. Reviewed by: Ben Travers
    Feb 12, 2019
    The laughs aren’t plentiful enough, the ideas aren’t exciting enough, and the story isn’t gripping enough.
  6. Reviewed by: Bruce Miller
    Feb 11, 2019
    Rich and company show the gears, the ingredients and the packaging. More mystery, as Radcliffe knows, is always a good thing.
  7. Reviewed by: Tim Goodman
    Feb 6, 2019
    Buscemi is wasted on subpar material. So is Radcliffe for that matter. Perky side characters played by Geraldine Viswanathan and Karan Soni have potential, but again, the mediocre material holds them back and lets the mind wander to better shows, particularly one less interested in heaven and more interested in earth (and aliens).

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  1. Feb 19, 2019
    Starts off in a mixed bag but hopefully will go into the right direction. Very interesting plot, so hoping it doesn't go south.

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