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  1. Behind the self-awareness and the irony is merely a hollow emotional core, a lack of anything to say because saying something would require ambition rather than complacent winks and nods.
  2. In transforming folk metaphors into utilitarian attributes of an action hero, Disney exposes the emptiness of their product.
  3. By focusing so narrowly on the Lewis brothers’ relationship with their mother, the film inadvertently minimizes the scope of their abuse.
  4. Erin Derham’s unadventurous aesthetic inoculates her from taxidermy’s subversive spirit.
  5. Patrick Lussier’s film is an incompetent, nihilistic exercise in gore and pseudophilosophy.
  6. The film is imbued with an airless blend of buoyant comedy and soap-operatic backstage drama that recalls Shakespeare in Love.
  7. In the film’s world, there can be no real resistance, as the suburbs have already won.
  8. Its depiction of the perpetual terror of living in a war zone will stick with viewers long after The Cave’s doctors have left Ghouta.
  9. Until the finale, the film tirelessly hammers home the importance of being true to yourself, yet its ultimate resolution, one of relatively uneasy compromise, confuses even that simple point.
  10. What’s so fascinating about the world of On Cinema is the way each creative outgrowth expands and deepens the lore, and Mister America’s universe-specific innovations renders the film indispensable in context.
  11. The film is in tune with the need to remain lucid and empathetic while in the maw of human extremity.
  12. Whatever new technology facilitated its genesis, the film is just another assembly-line reproduction.
  13. With the filmmakers unwilling to explore a kinky, psychosexual bond between a man and his demonic lady ghost-boat, Mary comes to feel as if lacks a through line, collapsing into a series of disconnected horror-movie beats.
  14. The sense of a nascent community rising up out of the primordial muck is palpable, so it’s unfortunate that John Magaro and Orion Lee's characters ultimately feel outside it all.
  15. The hegemony of history is rigid, but Lou Ye is still able to disrupt it in the form of its representation.
  16. Kevin McMullin displays a piercing awareness of the tensions that drive the dynamics of adolescent outsiders.
  17. The Harder They Come’s greatest asset may still be its soundtrack, which makes such a stirring impact because it provides a cathartic release from the grim realities depicted on screen.
  18. Olivier Meyrou’s ironically titled documentary weaves a tightly constructed story about success, power, and mortality.
  19. The film’s mid-act about-face lends a refreshing sense of complexity to an otherwise superficial depiction of Wrinkles.
  20. Noah Hawley treats his protagonist’s story as a somber tragedy that at times stoops to trashiness.
  21. Vincenzo Natali’s film divests itself of stakes in the name of total meaninglessness.
  22. The film falls back on the myth of modernity being born in the laps of practical, native-born American ingenuity.
  23. Scorsese knows what his audience is hoping for: glory days, resurrected. But he also understands the impossibility of anyone being exactly as they once were. So he weaves that longing into both The Irishman‘s text and its technique.
  24. Almost every element of the film has been seemingly engineered to be the ne plus ultra of slapdash ineptitude.
  25. In My Room often exhibits an interest only in the accruing of incidents, giving it a this-happens-then-this-happens quality that defiantly eschews psychological shading.
  26. The film is an aimless, albeit sometimes funny, chronicle of absurd behavior and government ineptitude.
  27. Daniel Scheinert’s film finds a very human vulnerability lurking beneath the strange and oafish behaviors of its male characters.
  28. The second half’s series of hollow visual spectacles foreground the film as a corporate product.
  29. First Love reveals itself to be an elegant and haunting Takashi Miike film in throwaway clothing.
  30. The Looney Tunes nature of Rambo’s murder spree tempers much of the script’s ideological offense.

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