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  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm has hit on several of the biggest developments that have cropped up since it last premiered. Where any of this is going is anyone’s guess, including David & co.’s, I’d wager. But I will always hem and haw over niceties, so Curb still has my attention... for now.
  2. The result is a series of heartfelt stories, as uplifting as they are tearjerking. And, though it’s early, the opening credits are among the most fun and inspired of the year.
  3. Messy and enchanting, the series ultimately follows three wayward souls figuring out life together, and it’s hard not to want to grow alongside them.
  4. Time Machine is one of those exceptional stand-up specials that can get a laugh out of anyone, from any demographic—and that’s the power of Leslie Jones.
  5. It’s not the show it once was, but to the show’s own point, it’s not like it’s been “Harry Potter for adults” in a long time. If it can find a way to tie together these various mourning, screwed-up heroes, and have them keep battling their way toward the best versions of themselves, there’s probably always going to be a good reason to watch The Magicians.
  6. The half-hour-per-episode version of this show might have ultimately been stronger, even though many episodes don’t feel overlong. Beyond those moments, there are so many freewheeling touches over the course of the season that keep the fun alive.
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    • 100 Critic Score
    Shrill remains a deeply compassionate show, one that weds blade-sharp observations about culture and character with an abiding tenderness.
  7. [Price and Bateman's] focus is on the peculiarities of the mystery and the procedural aspects of the investigation, which are unpacked with grace and clarity via interrogations and well-executed time jumps. Mendelsohn, too, is a steady centerpiece, confidently playing a flawed, emotionally broken lawman.
  8. Season two packs in an astounding amount of stories that have real heart and skin to them, while also allowing significant space for pansexuality, queer sex and queer desire, bisexuality, and asexuality. It’s sprawling and intimate all at once, like several personal diaries strung together.
  9. For one thing, the cast was stellar. To play the four oldest siblings, Keyser and Lippman found Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, and Lacey Chabert, all of whom would go on to have significant careers elsewhere and all of whom almost immediately started acting like a semi-functioning family unit.
  10. There’s a greater focus on teen angst and rites of passage in Party Of Five than overt social commentary, which can feel more groundbreaking and political than its real-life allusions.
  11. The continued excellence of Schitt’s Creek makes it even more painful that this sweet, funny show will soon end. But the preparations for Patrick and David’s wedding and the renewed question of whether or not the Roses will stay put establish steady footing for the portions of season six that follow the episodes screened for critics.
  12. When it comes to its suspense, Dare Me exercises immense control. It withholds just long enough to simmer the tension and then lunges forth.
  13. There is some forward momentum with the overarching plot about how humanity’s last stand is built on stolen alien technology, but not enough to make the new season look like something more than a smoother series launch. You won’t get lost in Lost In Space, but the family-friendly adventures of the Robinsons will still make for solid viewing over the holiday break.
  14. While the Sack Lunch is an unconventional package, its ingredients are pure Mulaney. ... The overriding sentiment is one of staggering honesty.
  15. That’s all this is: piss, vinegar, and sputtering, with some good acting around to make it all just barely tolerable.
  16. When the worst thing you can say about a series is that every episode ends up being better than the one that preceded it, that leaves an exciting amount of room to grow. Especially when you can see it steadily moving out of the shadow of the show Netflix might have wanted, in favor of the far more interesting series it might actually turn out to be.
  17. Clerks: TAS wobbles along the fine line between "too dumb for Clerks fans" and "too rude for network TV executives."
  18. The second season moves much slower than its predecessor, and the mystery of will-they/won’t-they takes a backseat to vital character development. That being said, the performances are fun, the skewering of Los Angeles should put folks from multiple districts in stitches, plus the soundtrack bangs.
  19. More than anything, Joke Show reminds us that the personal is political. ... Joke Show is great stand-up from a great comedian who knows there’s life—and comedy—after Trump.
  20. Minor misgivings aside, it’s a relief to have a new season of The Expanse to get lost in. The show is still one of the best science fiction series out there, and it appears to have made the move to streaming with minimal compromises.
  21. If only the narrative were up to the task of meeting the show’s witty and elastic visuals. Strip away the window dressing, and there’s not a lot of heart or complexity to Reprisal’s attempt to turn the wronged-woman trope into a broader universe capable of sustaining itself for multiple seasons. ... Still, it’s engaging in a pulpy, soapy way, fun despite its messy structure and slippery consistency.
  22. Focusing more on magic also highlights the way this season has clearly stepped up Runaways’ action game, making greater use of everything from Chase’s Fistigons to the Minoru family’s martial arts prowess to, yes, Elizabeth Hurley turning into a bunch of birds. With more action and more finality comes a greater sense of stakes.
  23. All six episodes function more like a strange experiment in accentuating a project’s flaws, despite a solid cast and writers who know how to work with said cast.
  24. At a minimum, Truth Be Told is an entertaining watch that does hook the viewer. But it’s not likely to be the series that turns around the otherwise rocky deployment of Apple TV+ offerings. Truth be told, the podcast within the show might’ve been the better medium for this campy tale of thwarted redemption.
  25. By the time Haddish talks about that infamous New Year’s performance, she’s already made it clear she has the skill, talent, and timing of a professional. ... Black Mitzvah is a special that will stand as one of her best accomplishments. Whether you love the old Tiffany or the new Tiffany, Black Mitzvah is a stunning example of her talent and influence.
  26. Both Cuoco and Bell deliver gut-busting chuckles on silver platters while keeping up with the likes of Tony Hale, Ron Funches, Giancarlo Esposito, and Wanda Sykes as the devious Queen Of Fables. All of the familiar draws of DC animated hit are here—the snappy dialogue, the bold (and quasi-gruesome) action—but what makes this series uniquely appealing is that it’s a perfectly viable starting point for old and new fans alike.
  27. Servant can be a frustrating watch, with its oddball ensemble manifesting as eerily, purposefully translucent, but it’s a compulsive one. The 30-minute episodes help—every minute feels purposeful, symbolic, or some combination of the two—and there’s a hysterical quality, both in its performances and plotting, that gives its austere, shadowy aesthetic a surprising spark.
  28. The old Mad About You was able to craft full engaging episodes about life’s mundanity. ... This Mad About You seems to be grappling for plot points, and who knows what, in fact, will stick.
  29. If you’ve stuck with the show all this time, however, this is your reward: a conclusion that’s thematically rich, often exciting, and as satisfying a wrap-up to the series as one could hope for under the circumstances.

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