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  1. HBO made the first five episodes available for review, and in the early going “Avenue 5” doesn’t entirely work but neither is it the disaster that befalls the show’s ship and passengers.
  2. Sticks close to the original in tone, but, oooof, it suffers from a clunky introduction. ... The exposition is heavy-handed, the justifications for some plot twists are dubious and the dialogue often laughable. It’s just so on the nose.
  3. The pilot doesn’t even really play into the absurdity of war a la “Catch-22.” It’s unclear what “68 Whiskey” is trying to do but whatever it is, it’s not doing it well.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The verdict? Not as gosh-awful as I expected...sort of a "Hunter" with heart. [4 Apr 1993]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  4. While “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay” addresses myriad issues, it does so with good humor, warmth and fresh approaches to an orphaned family, Nicholas’ sexuality and a child on the spectrum. Yes, this newly formed-by-circumstance family faces crises but they’re realistic with an equal mix of drama and comedy, just like real life.
  5. The immigration angle is new and does add an element that wasn’t there before but the rest of “Party of Five,” while admirable and certainly watchable, doesn’t demand to be seen.
  6. It’s filled with music and some high-energy dance numbers. But what comes between those highlights is often dull and without stakes. It’s the perfect show to do laundry to; it only beckons viewers to lean forward and pay attention during the occasional musical number.
  7. In between firefights and car crashes, the clichés pile up quicker than dead bodies.
  8. A smart, thought-provoking drama. But for some it will be tough to sit through the show's unrelenting gloom....TV viewers who like to be challenged -- I'm thinking of the "Homicide: Life on the Street" fans out there -- will cotton to the murkiness of Wonderland.
  9. With its emphasis on dysfunction, Titus allows for dramatic moments that actually ring true. But they're few and far between in this show punctuated by flashbacks that interrupt the narrative flow. Titus suffers from a TV version of Attention Deficit Disorder, similar to the tangents on Fox's "Family Guy" but a lot less funny. [20 March 2000]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  10. Occasionally funny but mostly sort of dull, “The Moodys” seems unlikely to become a Christmas classic.
  11. Stack, Stern and the other executive producers created "on of the Beach with "over-the-top" as the show's mantra. It may not hold up on a weekly basis, but this first trip to the "Beach" is outrageous fun.
  12. Although The Beat rises above much of what's on TV - and everything else on UPN - it is nowhere near as complex and layered as "Homicide." But it may be just as off-putting to some viewers.
  13. Maybe "Mr. Mom: The Series" would have been revolutionary back in 1983 when the Michael Keaton movie was released, but 17 years later the concept is as fresh as month-old milk.
  14. Maybe if the cardboard secondary characters develop more dimensions and if the writing improves, "Battery Park" will have a longevity similar to that of its closest cop comedy antecedent, "Barney Miller." But don't count on it.
  15. “Servant” is a tough show to embrace. Dorothy is an insufferable, emasculating, high-strung local TV news reporter. Sean is a grumpy, unsupportive husband and snooty chef who thinks lobster ice cream is a good idea. They’re both miserable people, not characters a viewer would want to spend time with.
  16. “Heartstrings” isn’t HBO-caliber TV but for viewers who want feel-good stories with a bit of an edge. this Netflix series offers a more expansive approach to uplifting programming.
  17. Billingsley brings a gentleness to the role, making the character believable, decent and a surrogate for the audience. He watches The Others with amazement, and so will viewers. [4 Feb 2000]
    • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  18. Tonight's City of Angels premiere offers toothless, almost bland TV drama. It's not hyper-revved like "ER," and is probably most similar to "Chicago Hope" in its depiction of behind-the-scenes hospital politics. With both of TV's existing medical dramas growing tired, the time is right for "City of Angels," but it needs work... It's pretty uninspired melodrama with a dash of attention-grabbing weirdness.
  19. Its first hour intrigues with quiet promise.
  20. In fine form, too, a seamless transition between casts with writer Peter Morgan keeping everything on an even and remarkably timely keel as the queen frets her new prime minister may be compromised by the Russians.
  21. Among the reality shows, “Marvel’s Hero Project” acquits itself well with a 25-minute running time.
  22. Three-minute shorts featuring the easily distractible “Toy Story 4” character, are quite funny.
  23. Fans of Goldblum will enjoy the half-hour “World According to Jeff Goldblum” because viewers get a concentrated dose of his personality but beyond that interest may vary based on the topic.
  24. If you can see past the Walt Disney hagiography, it’s well made and includes some rarely seen footage and new interviews with ride designers who occasionally take viewers behind the scenes.
  25. The series feels padded and the lack of Kristen Bell’s presence – she does introductions for all the episodes but only appears in a few – is a disappointment.
  26. All the best moments are in that [trailer] preview and everything else is OK but very much a tween show with higher, streaming service-level production values.
  27. “His Dark Materials” benefits from a mesmerizing Lorne Balfe-composed theme song and early on introduces an intriguing element of travel between dimensions but then bogs down as it moves forward to bring all the requisite characters from the book together.
  28. Entertaining at times, “Dickinson” surely has some appeal to certain segments of the audience but it’s tonally all over the place to a distracting degree.
  29. Dull, predictable, scuzzy drama set centuries in the future after everyone on the planet has lost their sight.

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