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  1. It's a bland allegorical satire built on an obvious point that unfolds in outer space where days (or nights) never end, and the passengers are irritating, and the ship is girdled by stiffs and human excreta. ... Lost in space, and on-screen, too.
  2. Money and cameos and nice locales don't make parodies work (nor does gun violence, which this newcomer jarringly has). ... Pallid, distant reflection of "Childrens Hospital." A whiff.
  3. Lugubrious, also highly watchable.
  4. This "Party" does what the original did well because it knows all of this. Feelings are universal but circumstances are not. ... The rare reboot with a purpose — and a heart.
  5. Stick with "Zoey." Get past the treacle, network cliches, and force-fed emotions, and it does improve. Earworms, too.
  6. [Midge] needs to grow, or at least her stand-up routine does beyond the tame gags about her ex-husband or Jewsih guilt. Those remain the weakest part of "Maisel." ... These early episodes do certainly play to "Maisel's" considerable and well-established strengths. They're a romp through the English language, abetted by actors who remain effortlessly up to the challenge. As always, the writing and those performances are still what resonate, and they're just about flawless
  7. It's pretty stock stuff. [23 March 2000]
    • Newsday
  8. It's an attempt to do a 1970s comedy like "Barney Miller" - but without the laughs. [22 March 2000]
    • Newsday
  9. SPOOKY stuff happens in The Others. Windows open by themselves, ghosts spring out of walls, eerie sounds wail. Yes, indeed, it's spooky. It's spooky how script writers think this sort of stuff is actually effective after so many years of seeing these cues so many times in so many "horror" movies. [4 Feb 2000]
    • Newsday
  10. Every screen shot locks you comfortably into the familiar "Star Wars" canon, but somehow it all feels fresh and new. ... "The Mandalorian" feels like a trip worth taking with them.
  11. It's what we do with our character that matters. This season— magnificently—reveals what Elizabeth has done with her's. You will be blown away. At least I was.
  12. Exhaustive without ever being quite comprehensive, "Death" is still a solid, sane overview.
  13. Steinfeld is good, the cast too and the show is not terrible either. What it's forgotten is that while we're all free to make Emily Dickinson into whoever we want, at least make her interesting. Emily deserves as much.
  14. Mostly "The Morning Show" is a show in search of itself, uncertain of what to say about the #MeToo movement and workplace misconduct, or how to explore those real world parallels (Charlie Rose, Matt Lauer). This is because "The Morning Show" is often a mashup of verisimilitude with outright balderdashery.
  15. Mirren will get an Emmy nod for this because she's Mirren. She is a great actress, and she's certainly good here. A pity she'll get that nod for so cramped a story.
  16. Is this funny? Often, and at times, very. Is the writing sharp? Razor sharp, and in fact, there's a line later on that's draws blood it's so good, but context is important to see why. Rudd is excellent, both of them.
  17. No, this isn't your father's (or mother's) "Watchmen," but something new, occasionally thrilling too. Just not consistently so.
  18. Not bad but not subtle either, this is a broadly told story of overprivileged parents and their wounded offspring. You already know the sorry outcome.
  19. The best part of the new series is that unfussy, effortless way of getting Kate's sexual orientation out of the way, and also Kate herself. She's a bantamweight crusader with lightning moves as opposed to devastating ones. ... What's less-best is the usual reliance on the sort of story that Gotham has undergone countless times before. There are no surprises left here, not even a decent dopey headline in the still-dopey, ever-credulous Gotham newspapers (which still don't have websites).
  20. "Almost Family" is also a snooze. It sleepwalks past the issues it purports to explore, as well as the unethical, and most likely criminal, behavior involved. ... So "Almost Family" made Hutton's Bechley an almost-loveable rogue, and his offspring almost-unbothered by the almost crime he perpetrated against them and countless others. No "almost" about that. It's flat-out creepy.
  21. Whitaker and the rest of the cast are first-rate, but what's most compelling about "Godfather" are its apparent ambitions.
  22. Platt is mostly excellent, but he's not a comic actor, which is fine because "The Politician" is not exactly a comedy either. Never one to be bound by labels or genres anyway, Murphy has created a dramedy, satire, tragedy, romance, coming-of-age story and political parody, all of which contribute to viewer whiplash if not exactly ennui.
  23. Well-crafted sitcom, but Goggins takes some getting used to.
  24. Heaton nails the role because she's had so much practice at this, but "Carol's Second Act" does her — and the trope — one better, by ever-so-slightly inverting our Heaton expectations. ... Heaton is back in another "family" sitcom. As expected, a good one.
  25. Any comedy series braided with sunny idealism as this one is needs to decide what's more important: The idealism or the comedy? "Sunnyside's" pilot comes down on the side of idealism, leaving the sitcom part in some sort of listless, half-baked limboland. ... With showrunners from "Brooklyn 911" (Mike Schur) and "Community" (Matt Murray). They should figure this out. They usually do. In the meantime, the pilot has one reason to watch. Hint: It's in the title.
  26. "Emergence" is a "Stranger Things" thing. There's nothing wrong, necessarily, with being a "Stranger Things" thing, because "Stranger Things" was itself once the thing of a half-dozen '80s landmarks, like "The Goonies." But the tangents, or less kindly appropriations, here are inescapable. ... What's best about "Emergence," however, is the cast, including Faison. ... Decent "Stranger Things"-loving pilot.
  27. Solid opener and Carey's theme song is a winner, too.
  28. Formula procedural but at least a comfortable, easy-to-watch one, with a comfortable, easy-to-watch lead.
  29. A beauty with a fully realized world which seems to know where it's going and how to get there.
  30. "The Terror: Infamy" is so good and so cleanly told that it really doesn't require much of a primer before diving in, but a little background couldn't hurt.

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