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  1. The language and pacing in Our Boys reflect its Israeli roots, but the emotional core of this powerful fact-based miniseries hinges on tribalism, the intractability of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the adage that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. In that, this HBO presentation offers a sobering window into that part of the world, with implications that swell far beyond it.
  2. Succession somehow makes the high-stakes machinations of self-centered, awful, filthy rich people a whole lot of fun.
  3. After what feels like an inordinately slow start, GLOW expands its lens to a much more provocative exploration of the '80s, one less about the TV and movies than accepted mores that don't provide cause for celebration.
  4. Much of it, frankly, feels too much like a middle-aged "Riverdale," and those who give the whole meta aspect any thought will likely become woozy as the cast debates the wisdom and value of a revival in the midst of, you know, doing one.
  5. There are several strong threads, including standout work here by Diane Guerrero, Laura Gomez and Taryn Manning, as well as a #MeToo storyline that actually sees a male character deal with whether actions he deemed innocuous at the time truly were.
  6. Mostly, Four Weddings and a Funeral plays like a cynical grab for attention, based on the not-entirely-faulty assumption that any form of name recognition is an advantage when it comes to making noise in a crowded streaming universe. Yet even if the invitation works on that level, faced with the little matter of creatively capitalizing on that opportunity, Four Weddings won't catch any bouquets.
  7. Deliciously dark...a compulsively entertaining and dark satire that sets a high bar for HBO's upcoming "Watchmen" adaptation.
  8. "Being this good-looking is a gift and a curse," one of the contestants, a model, said by way of introducing himself on Tuesday...As for being tedious, well, it isn't a gift.
  9. I Love You, Now Die might be short on definitive answers for these problems, but it raises all the right questions. Whether Carter was treated unfairly, the loud and clear message is that these kind of conversations need to take place before the next death that, rightly or wrongly, gets attributed to texting.
  10. A compelling if flawed condensation of Gabriel Sherman's book, worth watching for anyone interested in the political-media nexus where Ailes reigned.
  11. What Davies has done, essentially, is combine a family soap opera with elements of "Black Mirror."
  12. An enjoyably derivative eight-episode binge that's plenty of fun, if probably not worthy of all the hype and fuss.
  13. Basically, Grand Hotel plays like a more straightforward, dumbed-down version of the hotel shenanigans in "Jane the Virgin," the truly grand CW dramedy that's heading into its final flurry of episodes. Or think of it as "Downton Abbey," with its upstairs/downstairs component involving the hotel staff and the family in charge, only if they fabricated excuses for both to be undressed as much as ABC standards allow whenever possible.
  14. A woefully uneven Netflix version that makes "Tales" look stale, proving even with the near-mystical 28 Barbary Lane, you can't always go home again.
  15. Based on the three episodes previewed, so far, so pretty good in terms of justifying another dreamy drive up the California coast. That's thanks, in no small part, to this Streep kid, who has demonstrated that she can class up even the classiest of seaside towns.
  16. Any anthology is going to yield somewhat uneven results, but Brooker's hitting percentage has been pretty envious. By that measure, a homerun, a single and a pop up isn't bad, but "Striking Vipers" is the one that really draws blood.
  17. The enthusiasm for the latest four-episode run -- which again features Ruth Wilson's implacable killer, Alice Morgan -- dissipates amid a subplot involving another psychosexual serial killer, feeling more tired than usual.
  18. A welcome if bittersweet, characteristically foul-mouthed reunion, one that more than justifies saddling up the entire gang for one more ride.
  19. The Lord really does work in mysterious ways in Good Omens, which -- given the recent abundance of apocalyptic series -- is surprisingly good, and even when it lags, considerable fun.
  20. Although the precipitating event took place 30 years ago, as DuVernay's earlier documentary "The 13th" illustrated, the subject matter couldn't feel more relevant, with a passion and urgency that ultimately triumphs over any of the structural flaws.
  21. Whatever sizzle there is baked into the premise, in the execution, What/If feels a little too close to "So what?"
  22. A production that's intriguing but ultimately as thin as it is handsome, and emotionally removed in a way that dilutes the larger impact. For those reasons and perhaps others, unlike its conflicted hero, Catch-22 never quite takes off.
  23. Yet by turning the documentary into such a powerful forum for the resolve and resilience of these young women, Carr, in filmmaking terms, really sticks the landing.
  24. Spare, bleak and devastating.
  25. Beyond the generally surreal nature of it all, Tuca & Bertie doesn't really do anything to stand apart from that flock beyond the promotability of its celebrity voices.
  26. While sustaining this sort of story is invariably a juggling act, this has the self-assured feel of a hit-and-run tale that's destined to keep running for at least a while.
  27. This tragic tale of a police shooting and its aftermath -- infused by race and the rough-and-tumble of Chicago politics -- plays like a rather pallid soap opera, awkwardly juggling its intersecting plots.
  28. Season 2 of the YouTube series is, if anything, better than the first -- a teen soap, largely, which also packs a wryly nostalgic kick.
  29. "Ramy" ... takes the oldest of premises -- how to resolve commitment to one's culture and religion with the assimilating nature of the US -- and infuses it with situations that give the series life and depth.
  30. Escapism has its place, but this feels more insubstantial than even the early-21st-century reality-TV version of this idea, "The Simple Life."

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