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  1. Dec 5, 2018
    How well this will scale over the coming weeks and months is hard to predict, of course. But in its initial incarnation, Fleet Command that most rare of games: a deep mobile MMOG that combines its licence, metagame and gameplay in a thoroughly enjoyable and engaging manner.
  2. Dec 13, 2018
    Maybe is more enjoyable on a PC than on a smartphone, but Star Trek: Fleet Command is anyway, and finally, a good game based on the beloved franchise also on mobile platforms.
  3. Dec 6, 2018
    Between these two interlocking gameplay hemispheres, Star Trek: Fleet Command has a huge amount to offer. Fans of the series should enjoy the game’s sense of exploration and its idiosyncratic cast of characters, while fans of strategy-MMORPGs in general should appreciate this novel take on the genre. If you choose to boldly go, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Dec 5, 2018
    If you have been looking for a new game to carry around with you to play on while you wait for the bus, or your date, or a job interview, Star Trek Fleet Commander is a solid investment into mobile gaming. It will keep you engaged, busy, and entertained for weeks to come! For a free download, you certainly get a lot of game to consume and into one of my favorite universes to boot. That’s a one-two punch I can’t argue with.
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  1. Apr 13, 2019
    Star Trek Fleet Command is a bad game.
    It's not Star Trek-y. It's not fleet-y. It's not even command-y!
    Star Trek is about exploring
    Star Trek Fleet Command is a bad game.
    It's not Star Trek-y. It's not fleet-y. It's not even command-y!

    Star Trek is about exploring strange new worlds and boldly going where no man has gone before.
    Star Trek Fleet Command is about going to uniformed places where most players and all NPCs currently reside.
    The only differences are the name of the star, the level of NPCs, the color of the nebula in the background, and maybe there'll be different resources to mine and die.

    Star Trek Fleet Command has two connections to Star Trek.
    It has "Star Trek" in the name, and the characters have the same name and similar appearances to the movie counterparts. Other than those three things, the game is not Star Trek-y.

    But whatever, so it's not Star Trek-y. What matters in a game is the gameplay.
    Unfortunately, Star Trek Fleet Command fails there, too.
    All progress in the game take a long time, so it's not a good game to take out while you're waiting for a bus or for food. You can start upgrading a building, and then put your phone down for 26 hours and then check on your game again for 15 seconds, and you will have missed nothing.
    My most successful strategy has been to check in every 6 hours to collect resources. And if a research or building project finished, then I'll start another. So I could do well by spending two minutes in 24 hours.
    I call it "successful" because if I venture outside, I will get killed.
    If you go mining, a player will kill you.
    If you send a ship to go fulfill a mission or kill some NPCs, then your ship may need 5 minutes to get there. So you turn your game off for 5 minutes.
    When you try to load the game up again after 5 minutes, the game takes time to register that your ship arrived.
    But the game will take less time for other players to see and kill you.
    I am not exaggerating. My game said my ship was still warping and had an ETA of 00 seconds.
    And then a player would kill me in that time. It's happened multiple times.

    You could spend time fighting NPCs and players. This would require you to watch your phone for more than a minute.
    But it is a lot of watching and less action.
    You click on the ship you want to move, you click on the ship you want to attack.
    You wait 20 seconds, then watch a combat animation. And that's it.
    Fighting is shallow, too. If you attack a player with a lower power level than you, you win.
    If you attack someone with a higher power level, you lose.
    There is no strategy or tactics. There are no skilled players in this game. Only dedicated players.

    Your ships and crew level up. But instead of destroying a ship and getting 50XP, XP comes like loot or treasure.
    If you destroy another ship, there's maybe a 33% chance that you'll get loot.
    There's maybe a 25% chance that the loot will contain 300 XP.
    You'll need 5,000 XP to level up one crew member.
    Or, there's a 33% chance that the loot you get is 3 interceptor parts.
    You'll need 210 interceptor parts to upgrade part of your ship.
    It's a horrible grind.

    And it is so unbalanced. Because there's no skill or strategy to the game, you are at the mercy of people in a higher level.
    If you're at Level 20, there is nothing you can do to defeat, avoid, or deter a Level 26. They can just walk into your space station and attack you 17 times in 3 minutes.
    They don't just attack you one time and then it's over. No, they attack you 17 times.
    First, their 65k shield and 118k hull ship attacks your 26k shield and 29k hull starbase.
    Then, they bring in a fresh cargo ship with 60k shield and 70k hull to attack your 27k shield and 6 hull. Shocker, they win against your 6 hull.
    But then, they use the ship again and attack you. Maybe you have 3 hull this time.
    The cycle continues.
    It's because each attack only takes some of your resources. They should just have it take as much resources as an attacker can hold, because otherwise, why subject a player from having 17 defeats?
    Now, if there were some skill or tactic or something that the defender could do, then there might be a reason for multiple attacks. But there isn't.
    And there's no penalty for attacking players. No bounty for players or NPC ships to hunt you. No exclusion from any of the game's factions (not that that would hurt).
    In fact, the logical thing to do is to attack other players. You get resources and maybe XP or ship parts, and there's absolutely no penalty.
    This game not only enables griefing, it encourages it.
    In conclusion, There isn't much connection to Star Trek for fans to appreciate. There's not much for you to do to pass time. The things you can do that could occupy you for more than 20 seconds, like hunting NPCs or players, are boring and mindless. There's a lot that can frustrate you because it's beyond your power. Playing this game will make you feel worse. It's hard for me to understand how anyone could actually say, "I'm happy I played that."
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  2. Feb 17, 2019
    A typical "collect resources and Player vrs Player" game based on Star Trek. When it's working, it can be a fun game to play but it's oftenA typical "collect resources and Player vrs Player" game based on Star Trek. When it's working, it can be a fun game to play but it's often plagued with bugs such as options that turn off, an inability to handle a momentary loss of internet connection in that it forces a full reboot of the game instead of picking up from its last state, and resource mines that show up on display but can't be 'found', Some of the features make for difficult play such as the need for uncommon resources for advancement that are obtained by random luck, the inability to protect certain resources, (vaults don't protect nearly enough) and the player vrs player limitations are based on level and not by strength, allowing players with considerably more powerful ships to attack weaker players who have no hope of defending themselves.

    The game is fun at the beginning but when you advance to the point where player vrs player is permitted and uncommon resources are needed to advance, it becomes drudgery.
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  3. Feb 11, 2019
    This is a mining game, not a Star Trek game. While the initial experience is enjoyable, you (very quickly) get confronted with the obligationThis is a mining game, not a Star Trek game. While the initial experience is enjoyable, you (very quickly) get confronted with the obligation to land your ship on mining spots and leave them there for hours while they sloooowly mine the resources you need to continue playing. You need these resources to improve your ships and station, but so many mining spots are defective (or there simply aren't enough of them) that your ships get destroyed by stronger players. You return hours later, only to find out that your ship has mined 50 Tritanium out of the 25,000 you need.

    In the end, this is little more than a bully game where might makes right, and there's very little of the spirit of Star Trek. The graphics and characters are nice enough, but the essence of Trek is skin deep here. This should have been called "War of the Space Miners."

    Don't bother.
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